Private Maths Tuition

If you are interested in other subjects that are not listed please contact your local office.

Entrance Examinations (11+)

Most examinations are in October / November / December in yr6 or in the following January. It is recommended that you go to the school’s open days and apply in July yr5 onwards. Watch for details in the local press.
Tutoring specifically for 11+ ideally should not start before yr5 for various reasons :-

Ideally pupils should have attained level 4 in yr4 Maths and English before commencing tuition as level 6 work could be tested!
11+ tutoring is basically fine tuning. Pacing and practice are very important. Tutors continually assess and report and consequently our pass rate is very high.


Often science in schools in the early years is taught as one subject. However by yr9 most schools teach the 3 sciences separately using specialist physics, chemistry and biology teachers.

Please note :- at GCSE the 3 sciences can be taken as 3 single subjects (mainly for the most able pupils), or can be combined as a dual or double award (D/A) worth 2 GCSE subjects.