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About Us

Established in the West Midlands in 1992 Cloisters (UK) Ltd. We tutor children and adults of all ages & abilities. We offer tailored tutoring in all school subjects and also provide help for people on college, vocational, university and professional courses.

Schools and Education Authorities often recommend Cloisters. Nearly half our enquiries are through personal recommendations.

“We had tried to help our son without success and have been delighted that a tutor has been able to get him to work without fuss”
“We have no hesitation in recommending your services to friends”
“Our daughter’s GCSE grade B from a grade D mock exam was due to the excellent 1:1 tutoring”
“Our boy’s school recommended you as having helped many pupils make good progress”.


People “working” in the training of children under 18yrs and other vulnerable people are classed as being in a “Regulated Position” [Protection of Children and Criminal Justice & Court Services Act 2000 Sect. 35 1(c) 1(d)]

Our tutors are regulated and also cleared for trustworthiness by the Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) an executive agency of the Home Office.
Cloisters as an ‘Employment Business’ operates under the regulations of the DBS (Umbrella Registered Body No. 20088600002) and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

All tutors applying to be placed on our register must provide identification, professional and character references and have to fulfill the DBS checks (by accessing the Dept of Education & Skills, the Dept of Health and International, National and Local police records). Tutors must also agree to work to our ‘Principles and Code of Professional Conduct’

These DBS checks can only be made through “Registered Bodies” of the DBS and are not available to individual private tutors.

Parents are strongly advised not to use the services of private individual tutors, or tutors working for companies operating outside the above Acts.

Good caring professional tutors join “Registered Body” agencies. Private tutors working outside the Acts invariably avoid or fail the stringent checks or have been removed from “Registered Bodies”.

“Dangerous people need to be stopped from working with children and young people. The creation of the DBS is an important step towards achieving that ”  Home Secretary.

Cloisters continually monitor tutors’ performances and remove those considered unsuitable. These safeguards are only available to pupils when tutors are introduced by a DBS “Registered Body” and a registered DTI ‘tutoring agency’

We have regular contact with all our tutors, many having been with us for 20 years or more.

Because of the length of time we have been operating we have gained considerable experience and built up a team of trustworthy and successful tutors. We appreciate that our service depends on the quality of our tutors.