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Our GDPR policy is to confirm your privacy rights

Cloisters Tutoring was established in 1992 and provides 1:1 tutoring for all ages, abilities and most subjects. (Cloisters is also a Home Office DBS Registered Body)

We have two areas in which we operate, the West Midlands and the North Midlands. These areas and their specialist DBS checked tutors are contracted to conform to Our “Principles and Code of Professional Conduct” via Cloisters’ Head Office in Aldridge. The most suitable local registered tutor is matched to the specified needs of the pupil.

We keep the data of all our registered tutors and active pupils private and safe and do not store data on online devices. Both tutors and pupils conform to contracts. The data provided enables us to manage our clients so that we can offer the best match, service and advice.

We pass on personal data for the proper reasons that we are entitled by the nature of our business so that we can manage registrations and enquiries that we receive to give the best possible tutoring service.

We contact you if it is in your interests to recommend sharing your information with other professionals, consultants, advisors or staff etc. If there is any other reason why it is in our legitimate interest to share your information we are entitled to do so this includes circumstances where we have signed contracts or agreements with you or if it is our legal duty to pass on information.

We never sell data to a 3rd party

Your collected data may help us to study how our clients, pupils, tutors, users of our website etc. who make enquiries to utilise our services and for us to market our services to the general public.

We may contact you concerning services, educational advice, or news about educational resources services, request for feedback etc. as they are a necessary part of our communication and business management.

We may for legitimate business reasons contact past tutors and pupils except those who have requested being removed from our databases.

Registered tutors must contact their Cloisters’ Area Office to amend or be removed from our the list of registered tutors

This policy has been updated May 2018 in response to GDPR