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How We Work

Our 1:1 tutoring is carried out by specialist tutors and is tailored to the specific needs of the individual child. We believe that 1:1 tutoring helps to build confidence and to encourage the pupil to ask questions that they would not normally do in a classroom situation in front of their peers.

We Do Not Operate “Out Of School Groups Or Classes”.

Children are already in classes! These out of school classes, often run by non- teachers, can contain children of mixed abilities and ages studying different syllabuses and subjects. For the younger child, different literacy and numeracy schemes than used in their own school can be taught leading to confusion (particularly in maths). Class sizes invariably increase as tests and examinations approach. Payment for a number of lessons in advance is normally needed! Remember even in a small class of say 5 children they can only expect 12mins of individual attention (in an average class of 10 children 6mins attention etc.) These classes are not cost effective!

We Do Not Send Out Computer Generated Lists Of Tutors.

A local tutor is introduced on their suitability for the pupil’s specific needs, personal preferences, subject, content, level etc.

As we like to select the most suitable tutor we need to know some information about a pupil, for example :- the pupil’s Key Stage/year/age (to enable us to quote the precise fixed fee – no travel expenses or VAT!) – subject(s) – level – schemes – syllabus – Examination Board – Set Text books -strengths &  weaknesses –  any medical/special educational needs – preference of tutor (male, female etc.) – school, college, university (to avoid contacting a tutor from the same educational establishment) – home / evening telephone number – address (to select a tutor local to you) etc.

When a tutor is selected they call you, without obligation, within 2/3 working days and you can meet if you wish. If lessons are to begin you can make mutual arrangements with the tutor for content, times and frequency of lessons. Tutoring is on a lesson by lesson basis (no contract or monies in advance). Lessons can be terminated at any time by giving 24 hours notice.

As in schools from secondary school upwards, the majority of our tutors only teach their own specialised subject, although a few tutors do offer certain similar subject combinations (eg: French and German). Often we are asked for one tutor to teach more than one subject in the same hour (eg: English and Maths). We normally recommend that they consider having 2 tutors on an alternate weeks basis. The cost is the same but the real advantage is that each subject is taught by a specialist for 1 hour duration rather than for a half an hour. (tutors who can tutor successfully both Shakespeare and Trigonometry are rare!)

We mainly tutor on a one to one basis. Occasionally we are asked to tutor more than one pupil at a time.
However it is important that :-

  • The pupils are studying the same work.
  • Their abilities are comparable and that they will work well together.
  • Parents / tutors / pupils are satisfied with the arrangement.

We also of course cater for persons not intending to sit examinations (especially Languages)

Please Note:- Cloisters does not run courses or enter pupils for examinations. All courses and examinations have to be carried out at approved centres (schools, colleges, universities etc.), to ensure the impartial marking of coursework and invigilating of examinations etc.

We are only a call away!